Plans & Blog Intro

I’d like to acknowledge that this blog is both written on, and is benefitting from activities taking place on, the unceded traditional territories of the Coast Salish nations. These nations include: the Musqueam nation, the Squamish nation, the Tsleil-Waututh nation, the Tsawwassen nation, the Kwantlen nation, the Qayqayt nation, the Kwikwetlem nation, the Kwantlen nation, and the Katzie nation.

This “blog”, so to speak, is a bit of a folly. A product of an unplanned website, created on the spur of the moment, and an early morning brain fueled by an over-abundance of coffee-supplied caffeine; this blog will be mostly here to serve the purpose of organising the write-ups for the archival materials that I have collected photographs of. I aim to create an annotation, hopefully, describing each of the archival holdings that I have photographed.

A Note on Initialisms

While all initialisms used to refer to the community, whether they be LGBT, GLBT, LGBTQ+, etc . . . have their own strengths and weaknesses, I would like to specify that on this blog I will exclusively use LGBT2SQ+. The order is mostly meaningless, save for my preference of starting with L (a nod towards the historical sidelining and erasure of AFAB histories & experiences). The inclusion of 2S, however, is of utmost importance. In Canada, and BC especially, we are a colonial society, benefitting from the continued racism and colonial-settler real-politik, and have contributed to the erasure of first-nations’ culture, especially that of gender-identities, gender-expressions, and sexual identities that were non-conforming with the orthodoxies of the judeo-christian worldview. With the use of LGBT2SQ+, I hope to at least somewhat reinforce the existence of such marginalised identities & experiences.

An Overview

The main sources of archival materials for this project are:

  • Rare Books & Special Collections (RBSC) – UBC [LINK]
  • Vancouver City Archives [LINK]
  • Special Collections & Rare Books (SCRB) – SFU [LINK]
  • AMS Archives (UBC Alma Mater Society) – [LINK]

RBSC-UBC holds a great deal of material relevant to the history of the Vancouver LGBT2SQ+ community, mostly in the Archive Collective Collection fond, the GATE fond, and the Baxter fond.

Vancouver City Archives’ Malcolm F. Crane fond holds a great bounty of material chronicling the rise of a great many of the organisations responsible for the LBGT2SQ+ community’s current relative well-being.

SCRB-SFU holds materials relating to LGBT2SQ+ groups at SFU.

AMS-UBC holds materials relating to LGBT2SQ+ groups at UBC.